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About Us

Pradevv Group is a design-focused architectural & Structural firm in Hyderabad, Nizamabad known for creating well-crafted contemporary homes suited for modern living. The practice was established by Pavithran Guptha, who graduated from the University of Singapore in 2007. Having worked at several renowned architecture firms in Singapore before starting his practice, Pavithran Guptha has extensive experience in the Structural, architecture and interior design of residential landed houses and specializes exclusively in contemporary luxury homes, Commercial complex, Hospitals and Hotels and cafes.

Over the 16 years, the firm has rapidly become known for its bold and elegant architecture, Structure and has been widely featured in prominent publications and design awards such as ICI Chapters. The practice has a strong focus on both the building architecture as well as the interior design, arising from the view that holistic architecture has no boundaries between the two. In 2022, Pradevv Group was awarded the winner in the Best Commercial and residential sectors Design Awards for Best Architectural Concept for his projects.

Pavithran Guptha, a registered Engineer in Singapore and India and member of the Indian Institute of Engineers, takes great pride in each of his projects, and is passionate about the process of creating well-designed homes together with his clients. He is heavily involved in and personally oversees each of his projects from the first concept design sketch to delivery and handover of the home.  He seeks to create Structural and architecture that is well-suited to each individual homeowner, guiding them through the whole process from the start of conceptual design to the completion of the building project.